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Blue Horseshoe Loves the Sooners

As if all you blatant homers out there need any more reason to throw down some hard-earned cash on your beloved Sooners, Zach Rosenfield, an analyst with "sports forecasting service" AccuScore, offers his favorite national championship futures for 2009. The top two: Texas (+800) and Oklahoma (+500).

Fans of ESPN's Dave Dameshek may know Rosenfield as frequent guest "Blue Horseshoe." (Sorry, he won't disclose how much he pulled down on Anacott Steel.) And if you're not familiar with AccuScore, here's a quick primer.
Anyway, Rosenfield is an admitted OU diehard. However, that doesn't make his argument in favor of the Big 12 South champ any less compelling. Give it a thorough read and check back again later this week, as Homerism has an interview tentatively scheduled with the 'Shoe in the next couple days in which we'll get his take on the upcoming season. (Obviously, you should check back frequently anyway.)