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Can You Feel It?

The college football season kicked off in earnest this week with the start of two-a-days. Now, in another important sign the clouds are breaking, online sportsbook The Greek has released the point spreads for the entire first week of the season.

Not a whole lot has changed since the Golden Nugget teased us in June with some early lines for the season's "big games." Oklahoma remains a three-touchdown favorite over the Fightin' Mormons.
Here are some of the games that jumped out at Homerism:
*Boise State is up 1.5 points from the early number against Oregon.
*Oklahoma State is up to a 5.5-point favorite over Georgia in that key opening week clash. Everyone I've talked to just loves the Pokes in this one. In my short time in this world, they've made such a habit of dropping games like this one that I just can't buy into it.
*Illinois-Missouri in The Loo went from the Illini -2.5 to -6.5. Looks like the oddsmakers are coming around on my opinion: the Tigers are going to stink this year.
*I realize it's a long road trip for LSU, but only giving 15.5 to Washington? Even stranger, it's actually down a half-point from the Nugget's June spread.
*Again, this is a long road trip, but is Maryland really 21 points worse than Cal? Actually, I suspect so.
*Texas A&M is favored in week one. Enjoy it while it lasts Aggies, because you won't be seeing that too often this year.