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Linking Up: Back to the Rumor Mill

*The deadline to declare for the NFL draft is quickly approaching and all is quiet on the Sooner front. The fact that there have been no press conferences scheduled yet seems like a sign that the struggles of OU's "big four" haven't scared any potential early entrants into making the jump.

*So we now know that Skip Holtz is off to South Florida, which makes East Carolina the next domino to fall. Would Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson throw his hat in the ring? Dave Sittler of the Tulsa World seem to think so. It's an idea that a vocal minority of Wilson bashers in Norman would certainly champion.

Homerism's message to the haters: Be careful what you wish for.

In what the philosophy dorks like to call a "thought experiment," let's say Wilson did take another job. My guess is that Jay Norvell would become offensive coordinator, while Darrell Wyatt would return to coach wide receivers. Maybe they could maintain the same level of success, but I strongly doubt they could surpass the heights Wilson has taken OU to.

(Also, if David Cutcliffe goes Tennessee, would Wilson have any interest in the Duke job? Funny to say this about an ACC school, but I think ECU is actually the better gig.)

*Speaking of the Volunteers, let this entire coaching debacle be a lesson to all the athletic directors out there.

When ADs become obsessed with hiring a "big name," it's easy to get too caugh up in the flash and lose sight of the substance. Kiffin and his all-star staff trashed all the things that made Rocky Top what it is and then skipped town before they could actually do anything.

Reminded me of Howard Schnellenberger's ill-fated year at OU, actually. And much like the Sooners in 1995, Tennessee remains one of the top jobs in the country, but the Vols AD Mike Hamilton wants someone with "ties to the program," no matter how uninspiring. Hence, a la John Blake, David Cutcliffe emerges as the front-runner destined to keep the program mired in mediocrity.

A few years from now, whoever the new AD is will be looking for his own Bob Stoops. Why not skip the interregnum and go get a young up-and-coming assistant now? Say... Kirby Smart or Brent Venables.

*Back to OU. Defensive ends coach Chris Wilson supposedly interviewed for a coordinator position with Mississippi State.

Not even going to bother to take a stab at who would coach defensive ends if Wilson left.

*Not the best-written article ever, but Jason Fagone of GQ takes an in-depth look into the dark mystery surrounding Marvin Harrison and his place within Philadelphia's working class.

*Hey, Nebraska had a nice year. I get that much. But what's up with all the preseason love for the Cornhuskers? Last I checked, Zac Lee was still NU's quarterback and Ndamukong Suh plans to play on Sundays next fall. Did I miss something?

*Chronic underperformer–or possibly "underused"–Dan Buckner is leaving the 40 Acres after being arrested in enemy territory down at College Station. While I'm sure he was framed, Buckner and Texas coach Mack Brown have decided it's best to part ways.