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The Jackson Five Star

Jackson JeffcoatIt's true, recruiting geeks: Star prospect Jackson Jeffcoat plans to announce his institution of choice Friday morning at 11 am EST.

Usually, word has leaked out about such a hotly anticipated announcement by this point. Jeffcoat has played everything so close to the vest that his destination still remains a mystery. All that is known for sure is that Jeffcoat is picking between Houston, Oklahoma and Texas.

That hasn't stopped the recruiting gurus from speculating. ESPN's Bruce Feldman shares the opinion of most observers that Jeffcoat's going to be a Longhorn. For some reason, Austin American-Statesman beat writer Alan Trubow is thinking OU.

Then there's this little piece of espionage from Kevin Hageland, a writer for the illustrious McKinnie Courier-Gazette.

Clearly, I have no inside information on this. However, it seems like one of those situations that's "hope for the best, expect the worst."

I'd advise Sooner Nation not to get their hopes up. (And my apologies for the lame headline.)