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An Apology to John Hoover

Earlier today, Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation sent out a message via Twitter indicating that Tulsa World beat writer John Hoover had asked former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow for an autograph today during a media session at the NFL combine. In the world of journalism, this would be a serious ethical faux pas.

When I saw Bean's message, I hastily tweeted that Hoover "should be fired" if he had, in fact, done that. When Bean responded that he had the incident on tape, I called it "absolutely stunning."

Hoover and Bean have since cleared up the matter, explaining the misunderstanding was the result of a prank Tebow had played on Hoover. To be clear, the Hoover DID NOT ask Tebow for an autograph. (CLICK HERE to read Hoover's explanation.)

I'd like to personally extend an apology to Hoover. I'm very sorry for any role that I may have played in fanning any flames surrounding this misunderstanding and will take this as an important lesson learned.

(Thankfully, I don't have much of a serious following.)