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Linking Up: Who Were the Steals From the Big 12?

*Big 12 Value Plays

Which NFL teams mined the best value out of the Big 12 in the draft? Check out this slideshow that I did for Bleacher Report highlighting the Big 12 steals.

*Getting Friendly with the Foes

Our compadre Rich at is publishing my half of our information exchange during the next couple weeks. The first installment focuses on OU's media blackout this spring.

*Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

The new NCAA president wants a college football playoff. Hey, you don't say...

Lest you tournament zealots are so foolish as to let this get your hopes up, keep in mind that Mark Emmert's opinion on the postseason is worth about as much as Barack Obama's.

The BCS belongs to its member conferences. There is no feasible way for the NCAA to force a playoff into existence. About the most a guy like Emmert can do is be a gadfly.