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Linking Up: More DeMarco Murray Hype

*Y2K for Murray?

Bob Stoops isn't downplaying the hype surrounding running back DeMarco Murray's final season as a Sooner. Oklahoma's head coach says Murray's personal goal of 1,500 yards isn't high enough, contending his star runner could come closer to the 2,000 barrier.

For those worried about OU's lack of a running game last year, take that as a good sign about the Sooners' commitment to the ground game this season.

(Oh, and if Murray does crack 2,000 yards rushing, he will be Oklahoma's second Heisman Trophy winner in three years.)

*Recruiting, Recruiting and More Recruiting

Following up on our conversation with MaxPreps' Stephen Spiewak last week, Tom Lemming of has released his top 100 recruits in the nation. OU's only commit on the list is dynamic wide receiver Trey Metoyer. Committed running back Brandon Williams joins Metoyer on recruiting service Scout's list of 100.

*Hey, Auburn, Not Happening

The AP won't be revisiting its 2004 national title, per Doc S.

*Off With Your Head

Should the current investigation turn out as bad as it looks, Greg Doyel of stumps for Sooner hoops to get the death penalty from the NCAA. Put me in the camp of those who doen't think the Association will ever put the kibosh on a program like that again. However, you wouldn't hear me complaining if the basketball team was punished pretty severely.