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System Overload

There's so much going on in the world of college football right now that I can barely keep up. Honestly, I've been about three-quarters of the way finished with a couple posts, only to find out the situation has changed dramatically.

Anyway, once some of the dust settles today, I'll lay my usual brilliance on everyone. Until then, just a couple knee-jerk reactions:


*When assessing today's NCAA ruling in the USC case, keep in mind that the Association takes into account what schools do to prevent rules from being broken, what they do to promote following the rules and how they react in cases where rules are broken. I suspect those overarching compliance issues had a bigger hand in these sanctions than anything Bush or his family did.

*I wonder if Texas A&M would make the move to the SEC as a way to step out of the huge shadow cast by the Longhorns. Hey, SEC, I'm sure Oklahoma State is also open to offers.

*If you like homerism -- the practice of, not me -- then you'll love Northwestern Wildcat Stewart Mandel's take on Nebraska's imminent departure from the Big 12 for the Big Ten. (My personal favorite part is that the Big Ten "boasts the shrewdest commissioner in the sport;" Pac-10 head honcho Larry Scott has pretty much pulled every other commish's pants down in this process.) I don't fault NU for wanting to kick the Big 12 to the curb. But contending that this is "unquestionably" a home run for the 'Huskers strikes me as either naive or shortsighted.