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Podcast: National Handicapping (Part I)

In keeping with the recent handicapping theme, analyst Mike Hook of joins Homerism for a two-part preview of the national college football landscape. In part one, we look at some of the keys to being a successful handicapper on the national level. Also, Mike turns the tables on Homerism to help him get a better handle on the Oklahoma Sooners in 2010.

Other topics we cover include:

  • Mike's take on the differences between handicapping analysis and run-of-the-mill punditry;
  • the importance of scheduling in college football handicapping, as well as experience on the lines and coaching continuity;
  • Mike's outlook for OU, including his concerns about the cornerbacks and special teams;
  • the potential that San Diego standout receiver Kenny Stills could make a special immediately; and
  • OU head coach Bob Stoops' reputation among the sharp bettors.