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Podcast: Trophy Talk With Heisman Pundit

Heading into the 2010 season, the Heisman Trophy may be as wide open as ever. Chris Huston of Heisman Pundit joins Homerism for a podcast to review the 10 Heismandments that tend to dictate the winner.

Chris and I also break down the field and look at:

  • the chances that Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs, the People's Choice for Heisman, could actually win the award;
  • whether or not Oklahoma Sooners DeMarco Murray and Landry Jones can make a serious run;
  • why Alabama running back Mark Ingram's won't repeat in 2010;
  • the real frontrunner, Ohio State Buckeyes QB Terrelle Pryor
  • the impact of Washington quarterback Jake Locker's media blitz on the voting;
  • two more strong QB candidates, Jacory Harris of the Miami Hurricanes and Arkansas Razorback Ryan Mallett;
  • Boise State trigger man Kellen Moore's set-up for a possible run in 2011;
  • how parallels with Ron Dayne hurt fellow Wisconsin Badgers runner John Clay's candidacy;
  • a couple potential dark horses.