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Linking Up: Lee Corso's Kiss of Death

Eleven days until kickoff...

*Just cancel the season: Lee Corso is predicting that the Sooners will run the table in 2010. Yo! Don't get your hopes up OU fans. When it comes to prognosticating, the Merkin Man seems to have shot his wad long ago.

*I've got a vote for the Associated Press: Wade Denniston of the Logan Herald-Journal for laziest pollster. It looks like he just took his final ballot from last season and re-submitted it for this year's preseason AP Top 25. As Berry Tramel of the Daily Oklahoman points out, there's little reason to get exercised about the AP poll. Still, if Denniston wants to rank Central Michigan ahead of the Sooners, well...

*I've watched the 2009 Texas A&M-Colorado game approximately 394 times in the last month on Fox Sports. Seriously, is this the only game in the network's inventory from last year? Did someone leave the other game tapes in the back of a hot car or something?


*If there's a show on TV right now that is better produced than Hard Knocks, I haven't seen it. Think the Jets learned anything from that old geezer "turk" who did the cuts for the Bengals last year? That chump was about as sympathetic as food poisoning: "You're cut, but the good news is that you get a one-way standby ticket anywhere that Delta flies in the states bordering Ohio. Oh, and we're going to need your jockstrap."

*I'm all talked-out about expansion. Sorry, BYU, Mountain West, etc.

*I've been asked to put together a primer on Norman for Florida State fans traveling to the game in September. If you've got any recommendations for game-day musts, feel free to send them my way.

*Our buddy Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation and Football Outsiders is doing a pretty neat "wisdom of crowds" series to project the upcoming season in the Big 12. So far, so good for Oklahoma.

*So Sam Bradford stunk in his second preseason game. You don't say... Honestly, it's preseason. The Rams won one game last year.

*After talking with the senator earlier this week and looking deeper at Georgia's roster, I have to admit that the 'Dawgs are growing on me. It's still tough to get over the last two decades in the Cocktail Party. Will stick with Florida in the SEC East for now, but this seems like a great time for Mark Richt to get a win there. (Our associates at aren't nearly as bullish on the 'Dawgs.)