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Podcast: Bill Connelly, Football Outsiders

College football is moneyball's final frontier, and the crew at Football Outsiders is attempting to boldly go where no statisticians have gone before. Bill Connelly, writer for both FO and Missouri Tigers blog Rock M Nation, talks with Homerism about sabremetrics and college football.

Bill and I cover:

  • the major metrics FO uses to gauge college fooball teams' strength;
  • projections for the Oklahoma Sooners and the likelihood OU bounces back from a rough 2009;
  • skepticism about the Nebraska Cornhuskers;
  • the Alabama Crimson Tide's hopes to win back-to-back national titles;
  • FO's surprising take on the Penn State Nittany Lions and Boise State Broncos; and
  • best bets for the BCS championship game in January.