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Podcast: Freakbassin' with Ty Hildenbrandt of The Solid Verbal

Notre Dame football begins yet another new era this fall, with the Fightin' Irish calling on Brian Kelly to right their sinking ship. ND aficionado Ty Hildenbrant graciously takes time out from hosting his own great college football podcast, The Solid Verbal, to talk all things Irish.

(Wait, no... We only talk about the football team.)

Ty and I cover:

  • out-of-whack expectations in South Bend;
  • the differences between Kelly and ousted coach Charlie Weis;
  • new quarterback Dayne Crist;
  • the capable replacements for Golden Tate;
  • the struggles of the Irish D under Weis;
  • Ty's long-awaited meeting with Solid Verbal co-host Dan "Ruby" Rubenstein at VerbaCon 2010; and, of course,
  • the suckiest football promotional video that ever sucked.

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