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Podcast: The View of the Red River Shootout from Burnt Orange Nation

Despite the true spirit of hatred that has come to define the Oklahoma-Texas rivalry, Homerism and Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation were able to hammer out a 30-minute truce to discuss the 2010 version of the Red River Shootout in the politest of terms. (Truth be told, given the overall play of both squads this season, there was plenty of time for commiseration.)

Peter and I cover:

  • Texas' offensive woes and the uprising that is once again building against UT offensive coordinator Greg Davis;
  • UCLA's stunning demolition of UT's vaunted run defense;
  • OU offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson's tendency to abandon the run game;
  • attacking the Sooners' so-far porous defense; and
  • how to stop Ryan Broyles.

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