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Saturday Ramblings: Calling the Hogs

A few thoughts while basking in the deliciousness of a 7-11 donut...


*Love him or hate him, Bobby Petrino's offense is a thing of beauty. He's up there with Sean Payton when it comes to using pre-snap motion to get blocking advantages and coverage mismatches. The Razorbacks are absolutely killing Georgia with wheel routes.

*Per John Hoover of the Tulsa World, Bryce Easley, Jimmy Stevens and Michael Hunnicutt are all out practicing field goals as the Sooners warm up for the Air Force game. Last week's kicker, Patrick O'Hara, is supposedly on the sidelines in sweats. I do declare – Bob Stoops goes through kickers like Rex Ryan tears through bags of M&Ms.

*Air Force running backs Jared Tew and Asher Clark will play today, according to our man Frank Schwab.

*Watched the Entourage season finale last night. If they handed out Emmy Awards to writers for contrived plot lines, that show would be vying for the most celebrated in television history.

*Kendall Hunter is very good. However, for my money, no Big 12 running back beats Daniel Thomas. Kansas State's star senior single-handedly beat Iowa State today. Still think KSU has a say in the Big 12 North when all is said and done.

*Mark Richt is so even-keeled during games that he makes Garrison Keiller look like Richard Simmons.

*Watched games all day so far with sound off. So much better when you don't spend half the game getting agitated by what the broadcast team is saying. Still really disorienting, though.

*OK, OU game is about to start. Will be on Twitter all throughout the game.