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BlogPoll: Oklahoma Sooners, Kings of This Week's Mountain

Bob Stoops

As some of the country's undefeated squads fell by the wayside last week, the team that gained the most didn't even play.

Watching Florida State hammer The U in Miami on Saturday night, the Oklahoma Sooners' big win against the Seminoles in September now looks even better. Ohio State beating the Hurricanes that same weekend โ€“ not so much.

Feel free to accuse me of the most blatant of homerism. I'll cover other points of interest below.



*Alabama may have lost to South Carolina by two touchdowns last Saturday, but I'd still favor Nick Saban's team tomorrow on a neutral field against anyone else in the country. I have a bad habit of giving up the ghost too late with teams, but the Crimson Tide has earned the benefit of the doubt for now.

*LSU keeps scraping by. Still, the Tigers have racked up a perfect record and have only played major conference teams. Pretty good body of work.

*I'd be fine with switching Oregon and Boise State at this point. I give the Broncos a little more credit for essentially playing a road game against Virginia Tech, but the Ducks have administered some savage beatdowns up to this point.

*I get the feeling Michigan's time for this poll isn't long.

*Games to watch this week:

  • No. 20 Arkansas at No. 5 Auburn
  • No. 23 Iowa at No. 25 Michigan
  • No. 6 Ohio State at No. 24 Wisconsin