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BlogPoll: Sooners Make Their Move

It all goes back to the age-old dilemma of quantity versus quality.

As college football powers continue to post more skins on their walls, is it better to have a group of solid wins or a marquee victory or two?

Excluding head-to-head results, the Oklahoma Sooners' opponents in 2010 – Utah State, Florida State, Air Force, Cincinnati and Texas – have run up a combined record of 14-5 through the first five weeks of the season. The only team whose opponents have a better combined winning percentage is Missouri, which has played a I-AA team.

The overall performance of OU's competition almost compelled me to move the Sooners up to the top spot in this week's BlogPoll ballot. However, Alabama's back-to-back wins against Arkansas and Florida give the Tide an edge for the time being.



*Michigan State got a big bump this week after knocking off Wisconsin. I know everyone is happy to have Mark Dantonio is doing better health-wise, but think there are any worries in East Lansing about him busting Sparty's groove?

*Auburn moves up this week more by virtue of the fact that I think I had underrated the Tigers a week ago than their blowout win against Louisiana-Monroe.

*Even though they keep doing it unimpressive – if not downright stupefying – fashion, the Bayou Bengals continue to build up a strong resume. I suspect the Mad Hatter takes a tumble down the rankings after this weekend's trip to the Swamp.

*Homerism's Bloguin Heisman ballot: 1st place – Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU; 2nd place – Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan; 3rd place – Cameron Newton, QB, Auburn.