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OU in Review: Ridiculous and Sublime of Colorado

Plenty of cheer to go around after a 33-point beatdown of the Buffaloes on Saturday night:


Ridiculously Ridiculous

Jermie Calhoun's Knee Injury

Man, life just isn't fair. Calhoun, a vaunted running back recruit, has yet to fulfill his potential. He finally gets a little action late in a blowout win, and he shreds his knee.

Tough break.


Tony Jefferson's Pass Coverage

You won't hear me talking poorly about OU's freshmen too often this season, but this is one time. I love Jefferson's potential, but he still has plenty to learn. His coverage on Colorado's only touchdown was terrible.

OU's Run Game

I mentioned this in the previous post. Just doesn't seem to be getting any better, although Roy Finch's recent play does offer some hope.


Jimmy Stevens

Stevens banged home two field goals Saturday night and was perfect on extra points. When the pressure's off, OU's kicker is money.

If OU needs a kick in a big game, though, I implore Bob Stoops to just ignore whatever favorable impressions a performance like this might give him. Go for it.

Tight Ends

After somewhat of a quiet start to the season, Trent Ratterree lit up CU's defense for 89 yards on three catches. Ratt ran like a battering ram with the ball in his hands Saturday night.

Meanwhile, all James Hanna does is catch touchdowns. Honestly, I had written Hanna off before the season started, but he has been pretty solid for the Sooners.

Sublimely Sublime

Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles

The dangerous pitch-and-catch combo had a record-breaking night against CU, with Broyles accounting for 208 of Jones' 453 passing yards. Their 81-yard hook-up for a touchdown in the second quarter should hopefully give offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson a little more leeway to encourage Jones to air it out a bit more down the stretch.