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OU in Review: Ridiculous and Sublime of Iowa State

When you roll a conference opponent 52-0, it's tough to find much to complain about. If you know Homerism, you won't be surprised that I did.

The good far outweighed the bad, though.


Ridiculously Ridiculous

UFC Fans

As is usually the case about once or twice a year, Homerism's local cable provider wasn't showing the OU game last night. Annoying, but it happens.

Step one: I call a local watering hole in the morning to confirm that it would/could show the game - all systems go.

Step two: I bounce out of a BBQ way early with plenty of time to go home, drop off my car and walk the one block to the bar.

Step three: Here's where it gets tricky. I have to find a free TV in the joint. With an LSU watch party, Ohio State-Wisconsin, Florida-Mississippi State and two playoff baseball games all going on at once, that's easier said than done.

We're scanning all the screens in the place and, lo and behold, there's one showing UFC 421 or something. It's in a perfect spot, right in front of a booth. (We catch the action right as some Asian Muay Thai specialist gets blasted in the balls by a guy who looks exactly like Tommy Morrison and, apparently, has the same level of class.)


We grab the booth, settle in and wait for the manager to work his satellite magic. It all seemed too good to be true. And, of course, it was.

Three Trench Coat Mafia-looking dudes are sitting in the next booth, chowing on fried mozzarella and Guinness. I should've seen it coming – any time, any place, UFC Guy is the creepiest dude in the sports bar by far. Anyway, the manager takes one look at the pasty, black-shirted trio, and he doesn't even have to ask.

"No way those guys are letting me change the channel," he says. So, I spend the first quarter watching the play-by-play on my iPhone before another TV opens up.

My advice to UFC fans... Oh, forget it. You're beyond hope.


Turnover Margin

The Sooners were -1 in turnovers for the game. (I had come up with something, right?)


Offensive Line

OU's blockers had their way with the Iowa State front seven all night long, leading to 325 yards on the ground. The holes that were opened for OU's running backs were big enough for one of Texas' running backs to run through. I swear it looked like ISU had forgotten to send in a defensive line on one run by Roy Finch.

Frank Alexander

Alexander's role in the defense became a hot topic this week. Maybe all the discussion motivated the big fella to snap out of his big funk. Whatever it was, the junior defensive end had a strong outing, notching seven tackles, including three for a loss.

Hopefully, this is a sign Alexander is ready to get down to business.

Jamarkus McFarland

Speaking of disappointing defensive linemen, McFarland had his best game of the year with 1.5 sacks.

Travis Lewis

Lewis just kept on doing what he does, registering 14 tackles on the night. He's become the unquestioned leader of OU's D. Sooner fans should enjoy No. 28 now, because I suspect he's off to League at year's end.

Jimmy Stevens

I realize this is akin to talking to a pitcher in the ninth inning of a perfect game, but the little guy has been money lately. Stevens has hit all 18 of his extra points this season. After last night, he's four of five on field goals for the year.

Sublimely Sublime

Roy Finch

The electric Florida freshman didn't disappoint in his much-anticipated OU debut, showing as much promise as his Wildcats namesake.

Finch saw more action than expected, toting the ball 16 times for 92 yards. As the failed fourth-and-goal attempt demonstrated, Finch won't be seeing much action as a short-yardage, power back. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson should be able to figure out plenty of ways to utilize the shifty speedster.

Landry Jones

I'd hate to play poker with anyone who could say with a straight face that he ever foresaw a day when the 'Stache would complete 88 percent of his passes in one game. That's a good number in walkthroughs, let alone live action.

Jones continues to progress every week. Most impressive has been his ability to minimize mistakes. Last year, he threw one interception for every 33 pass attempts. This year, that has improved to one pick per 66 throws.

Ryan Broyles

The University of Oklahoma has seen plenty of great wide receivers come through its football program in the last 12 years. None had ever caught 15 passes in one game until Broyles did it last night. That translated into 182 yards and a touchdown in yet another huge game for a guy who's staking a strong claim to being the best wideout in OU history.

DeMarco Murray

It was a big night for breaking records, as Murray scored the 56th, 57th and 58th touchdowns of his OU career. The last score broke the record for the most ever by a Sooner.

Doesn't get much more sublime than that.

I'll have more on Murray this week and his place in the pantheon of OU greats.