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BlogPoll: Big Ten Trio Tough to Rank

There aren't many college football teams out there that could hang with the Wisconsin Badgers right now. The Michigan State Spartans certainly could not.

I know it. You know it. Even they know it.

When it comes to rankings, though, Sparty's win over the Badgers back in early October sticks out like a sore thumb. Much like I'd really like to rank Oklahoma over Missouri, I just can't ignore the head-to-head result when the teams have the same record.

The real Big Ten loser is Ohio State, which by the same reasoning, is relegated behind Michigan State because the Buckeyes have to fall behind the Badgers.

Gettin' transitive, yo. A > B > C.



A few notes:

*Texas A&M is playing the best football of any team in the Big 12 right now. Looking at the Aggies' body of work, however, that non-conference loss to Arkansas bumps them down below two teams the Aggies beat, Nebraska and Oklahoma. A&M should take solace in knowing that a win over the Razorbacks

*Obviously, Boise State plummets after losing to Nevada.

*Gotta love how Arkansas looks right now. You can keep Gus Malzahn and Chip Kelly – Bobby Petrino is the offensive genius' genius.

*A win against Nebraska Saturday in the Big 12 championship game will likely vault OU into my top 10. Likewise, Florida State and Virginia Tech stand to move up significantly.

*I get that Stanford is thrashing suckas right now, but that resume actually looks somewhat thin the more I think about it. When your best win Arizona, that's not saying much.