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"Guess the Lines" for Week 12

MGM Sports Bookphoto © 2008 Chad Davis | more info (via: Wylio)

Life got in the way this week and prevented me and Crick from doing the weekly handicapping podcast. We knew you couldn't take a week without "Guess the Lines," though.


Oklahoma at Baylor (Actual Line: OU -7)

Homerism: OU -4.5
Crick: OU -8

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Given OU's problems away from Norman, this kind of line suggests that the oddsmakers either think Baylor is fading at the end of the year or just nothing special.

Fresno State at Boise State (Actual Line: Boise -30.5)

Homerism: Boise -25.5
Crick: Boise -33

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Boise is so far ahead of the rest of the WAC that it's not even funny. This is supposed to be the third-best team in the conference?

Wisconsin at Michigan (Actual Line: Wisconsin -6)

Homerism: Wisky -5.5
Crick: Wisky -9

Winner: Homerism

Crick - Wisky looked great last week.

Ohio State at Iowa (Actual Line: OSU -3)

Homerism: OSU -4
Crick: Iowa -3

Winner: Homerism

Crick - A Big Ten game that could have been amazing.

Virgina Tech at Miami (Actual Line: Hokies -2.5)

Homerism: Va Tech -5
Crick: Tech -3.5

Winner: Crick

Crick - Two teams that never should've left the Big East.

Arkansas at Mississippi State (Actual Line: Arkansas -3.5)

Homerism: Arkansas -6
Crick: Arkansas -3.5

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Last week's matchup with 'Bama threw me for a loop here.

Stanford at California (Actual Line: Stanford -6.5)

Homerism: Stanford -8.5
Crick: Stanford -6.5

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Big Game looks pretty big now.

Connecticut at Syracuse (Actual Line: Syracuse -4)

Homerism: 'Cuse -3
Crick: 'Cuse -4

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Probably the most boring game of the most boring weekend of the season.

Nebraska at Texas A&M (Actual Line: NU -3)

Homerism: NU -5
Crick: Nebraska -8

Winner: Homerism

Homerism - If I'm a member of Big Red Nation, this line scares the hell out of me.

Florida State at Maryland (Actual Line: FSU -5.5)

Homerism: FSU -6.5
Crick: FSU -3

Winner: Homerism

Homerism - Ralph Friedgen doesn't do much quietly, but his team seems to be sneaking up on people.

Illinois at Northwestern (Actual Line: Illinois -8)

Homerism: Illini -4
Crick: Illini -2

Winner: Homerism

Crick - Fun game.

Army at Notre Dame (Actual Line: ND -8)

Homerism: ND - 6
Crick: ND - 8

Winner: Crick

Homerism - Crick cheated this week.

Florida Atlantic at Texas (Actual Line: Texas -21)

Homerism: Texas -13
Crick: Texas -19

Winner: Crick

Homerism - I have a hard time seeing the Longhorns beating anybody by three touchdowns at this point, Sun Belt or not.

Final Verdict: Crick 8, Homerism 5.

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