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OU in Review: Ridiculous and Sublime of Baylor

Given OU's infamous problems on the road, the Sooners can take away plenty of positives from the 53-24 win over Baylor.




Ridiculously Ridiculous

Austin Box's Health

I've never really believed in the concept of "injury prone." Damn if Box isn't starting to sway me, though.

First, he goes down on a touchback in kickoff coverage. A few plays later, it's his back again.

The former Enid Plainsman always quarterbacks OU's D so well against spread offenses from his spot at middle linebacker, where his coverage skills are a huge plus. The Sooners could definitely use him next week. With Box's injury history, though, it doesn't sound promising.


Roy Finch's Final Run

OU's electric freshman scatback may have OU fans thinking touchdown whenever he touches the ball, but he won't be scoring too often if he keeps on ramming into defenders headfirst.

When Finch was laying motionless on the ground in the second half, I immediately assumed he'd miss the rest of the regular season. Hell, in those cases, it's tough not to think the worst about the impact on a guy's career.

He supposedly looked fine after the game, but the lack of official word on his status for Saturday is worrisome.

Punt Penalties

Penalties for running into the kicker and roughing the kicker wiped out great field positions for OU twice. To be fair, the personal foul late in the second quarter was understandable - the Sooners were selling out to get the block right before the end of the half.

Running Game

Same story as last week and the week before and the week before - OU's meager running game no longer poses a credible threat to opposing defenses. The Sooners netted fewer than 3 yards per attempt against Baylor. The longest run of the evening: 13 yards.

That was even after the debut of a new offensive formation that had OU aficionados buzzing. Bringing us to...


Diamond Formation

Kevin Wilson's creativity knows no bounds, huh? A week after sprinkling some wildcat into OU's attack, he unveiled his version of the full-house backfield, which looked distinctly familiar.


Could it be that the OU coaching staff is already breaking down film of Oklahoma State? However it came about, I like the idea of working Finch, DeMarco Murray and Trey Millard into the backfield at the same time.

Landry Jones

Once again, Jones was picked off on an underneath route by a dropping defensive end early in the game. Yet, he bounced back and didn't go into the shell, as we've seen in the past.

The 'Stache stayed in rhythm most of the evening and methodically worked the offense down the field with timing patterns and quick hitters. When all was said and done, he had 325 death-by-a-thousand-cuts yards and 3 touchdowns.

Special Teams

Penalties aside, the Sooner special teamers had a spectacular game. Yet again, OU recovered a muffed punt leading to a cheap score. The Sooners got a safety off of Marcus Trice's forced fumble on a kickoff.

When Jimmy Stevens goes a perfect 3-3 on field goal tries, you know it's your night.

Sublimely Sublime

Finch's TD

As badly as Finch's last run ended, his 8-yard touchdown scamper in the first quarter was that good. Shades of Quentin Griffin.

Ronnell Lewis

Lewis' play at defensive end highlighted a stellar evening for the defensive line. His athletic interception return for a touchdown in the third quarter was the kind of play OU fans have wanted to see since The Hammer arrived in Norman.

Having a healthy Lewis on the field should greatly aid OU's efforts to get pressure on Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Demontre Hurst

With his small stature and sure tackling, Hurst reminds me a lot of Derrick Strait.

Yes, I know Strait is the best cornerback to play at OU under Bob Stoops. I think the comparison is fair.