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BlogPoll: Tigers on Top, of Course

We here at Blatant Homerism say we like to defy convention, which is why we gave you the top 10 for 2011 before our final BlogPoll ballot for the season.

But, judging by the differences between my final BlogPoll ballot and the major polls – or lack thereof – that sounds like nothing but talk.

I like what Nevada did a little bit more than the pollsters. I like what did Boise State did a little bit less. Other than that, nothing really sticks out.

See for yourself:



A few notes:

*Even for a blatant homer, I can't put Oklahoma ahead of LSU. I'll take the Tigers' victory against Alabama over any of OU's wins, and, all in all, the Bayou Bengals' quality of opposition trumps that of the Sooners.

*I know Boise is cool and all, but what did the "mainstream" voters see the Broncos do this year to merit finishing ahead of Nevada? The Wolf Pack beat Boise head to head, had an even better record than BSU and played a schedule that was essentially as strong as the Broncos.

I don't get it.

*I nearly dropped Nebraska all the way out in favor of San Diego State. That pathetic performance in the Holiday Bowl against Washington defined "mailing it in."

*I could probably ding South Carolina a few spots, too, after the loss in the Chick-fil-a Bowl to Florida State. Looking back at the Gamecocks' schedule from this year, though, they probably deserve a few bonus points.

*Tulsa finished the year on a hell of a run. Watch out for the Golden Hurricane next season.