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Obligatory Super Bowl Pick

Aaron Rodgers
The Pittsburgh Steelers have already played the most played-out of cards this week. We'll certainly hear it again Sunday night, no matter who wins Super Bowl XLV.

"Nobody believes in us. Nobody respects us."

Please, man. Everybody respects these talented teams, which are two of the NFL's most-storied franchises. In fact, my respect for the Steelers and what they've accomplished in the last six years is all that's keeping me from going all-in with the Green Bay Packers in this game.

Pittsburgh has a quarterback who can't help but win and arguably the premier coach in pro football right now. The Steelers also tipify a physical brand of football that enables them to simply "out-tough" opponents. With Blitzburgh's track record, how can you go against the Steelers?

Well, I'm going to hang it out there.

Pittsburgh has a poor offensive line, made even worse by the loss of Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey for this game. As good as Ben Roethlisberger is at avoiding the blitz, he can only evade untouched pass rushers for so long before they start getting to him.

Meanwhile, have you seen the numbers Green Bay has put up in dome games in the last few years? The Pack is built to put beatdowns on opponents indoors - ask Atlanta. Playing on the fast track of JeryWorld sounds ideal with all that speed on both sides of the ball for Green Bay.

I hate going against the Steelers in a game like this, but Green Bay and its quarterback Aaron Rodgers appear to be peaking at just the right moment.

Packers 28, Steelers 23. Who ya got?