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Podcast: Exploring the Mysteries of the NFL Combine

There may not be a 2011 NFL season, but there's no stopping the draft. And where there's an NFL draft, there's an NFL scouting combine. Our friend and draftnik Michael Felder of graciously takes time out from watching reruns of The Millionaire Matchmaker to educate us on the ins and outs of the NFL meat market.

Michael and I break down:

  • the "holy trinity" of NFL personnel evaluation;
  • some of the oddities of the combine, like why linemen run the 40-yard dash;
  • what to look for when prospects are going through the drills; and
  • guys who we're excited to see work out – including Da'Quan Bowers, Aaron Williams, Patrick Peterson, Robert Quinn, Adrian Clayborn and Josh Portis.

Also, check out Michael's post from last year on what to watch at the combine.

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