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That's Rich, Urban

Urban Meyer
Is it just me, or is it impossible for Urban Meyer to open his mouth in public without proving that he's a complete clown?

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Now, the ex-Florida coach is spouting off about the utter lack of decency in college football. My favorite part: "The ultimate mission of college athletics is to develop people for after athletics. The job is not to make money for the university. That's not the number one objective and I'm anxious to help and give my opinion."


Urban, Urban, Urban.

So, Urban Meyer – no, wait, let's call him "Church Lady" ...


So, Church Lady worked up the coaching ladder all the way to one of the premier jobs in college sports in that bastion of morality known as the SEC. Along the way, he made millions of dollars for bringing those ultra-competitive Gator boosters national championships and wins by the bucketload.

No doubt he gave all those choirboys whom he recruited to Gainesville plenty of time away from the field to "develop themselves for after athletics."

Since he stepped down in January, Church Lady has parlayed all that success into a cushy commentating gig with ESPN, and now he wants to play like he got religion? Maybe he even wants us to believe he had it all along.

Sorry, Church Lady, but one Tebow doesn't make you some saint. It sure as hell doesn't put you in a position to cast judgment on a racket that made you a rich, rich man.