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Annual Oklahoma Depth Chart Shenanigans Ensue

Tom Wort
Even if you follow the Oklahoma Sooners in passing, you already know that during a Bob Stoops depth chart means about as much as Jim Tressel's signature on a statement to the NCAA.

And that's during the regular season. In the spring? Get outta here.

Still, OU released its pre-spring drills depth chart today, so it's at least worth a look. Some observations off the top:


*First things first, the two-deep is as notable for who's missing as who running on the first or second team. The missing in action include:

  • RB Roy Finch, who's recovering from a stress fracture in his foot;
  • FB Trey Millard, recuperating from surgery on his arm;
  • TE Trent Ratterree, who's also recovering from minor surgery;
  • coming off a torn meniscus, WR Dejuan Miller isn't listed; and
  • RB Jonathan Miller, who missed all of 2010 with a knee injury.

*The Oklahoma's Jake Trotter touches on the most significant revelation in the depth chart: Sophomore Aaron Colvin is running with the first string at strong safety. Trotter surmises that Colvin's move from cornerback to safety indicates the coaching staff feels confident that stellar cover man Jamell Fleming will return in the fall.

As previously noted, I'll believe Fleming is playing in 2011 when he actually sets foot on the field. However, Trotter does have a point when he says that moving Colvin to safety ensures one of OU's best defensive backs is on the field at all times.

From what I saw out of Colvin last season, he needs to be playing somewhere.

*With OU's returning pass catchers and all the hype accompanying incoming freshman WR Trey Metoyer, it's easy to forget that super athlete Justin McCay is competing for a spot in the rotation now. The redshirt freshman was considered one of the top gets for OU in 2010, and with a year in the program, he could give the Sooners a tempting target on the outside.

*For a relatively experienced bunch, this team still seems so young. Seven starters are seniors.

*Motivation Alert: Stephen Good.

Stoops' penchant for using the depth chart to fire up underachievers is a familiar storyline, and this season's most likely candidate is Good.

Unlike last year when they split time, the two-deep lists Gabe Ikard as the starter at left guard ahead of Good. Not only that, but mammoth sophomore Bronson Irwin is on the second team with Good.

(Of course, it could be that I'm overthinking this one. I've been known to do that from time to time.)

*You may be asking yourself, Who is Julian Winters? Even the official OU website can't tell you.

Think it's safe to say the Sooners have frighteningly little depth at corner as of now.

*The offseason scuttlebutt has had Stoops and defensive coordinator Brent Venables experimenting with a 3-4 base scheme. Presumably that would mean Ronnell Lewis moving off the line and flexing junior DT Stacy McGee outside to defensive end.

In general, I have my doubts about whether OU has the bulk in the right spots to run a three-man front with any regularity. We're already talking about a team that will line up Tony Jefferson as a linebacker at 199 lbs.