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Linking Up: March 10, 2011

*'s Bruce Feldman wonders if college football is out control. The answer to that question depends on what you expect out of the game.

Every time one of these scandals hits the airwaves, the hemming and hawing over the state of the game revs up for a few days. However, as I discussed with Paul Myerberg of Pre-Snap Read a few weeks back, college football has sustained some major black eyes during the last year. The hits just keep on coming in what seems like an unprecedented avalanche of unseemliness.

Don't expect the bad news to end anytime soon, either. The College Football Angel of Death says he has more stories in the hopper, including one that he says will register a "10" on the public Richter scale.

*The Oklahoma coaching staff is making its annual tour of spring camps with a stop at Boise State. Can't imagine why Bob Stoops would want a little extra insight into the Broncos offense.

*The actress who played bad girl Snoop on "The Wire" got pinched in a drug bust this morning. If you're familiar with Snoop's background, then this should come as no surprise. She might have been reading lines, but she wasn't really "acting."

(I was on a flight to Baltimore one time with Andre Royo, who played Snitchin' Bubs. We talked about the show for about 10 minutes. Good guy.)

*Farhad Manjoo of Slate argues in favor of eliminating anonymity from commenting systems on the web. As a purveryor of web content, I tend to agree that it elevates the level of discourse when commentors can't hide their identity. I'll take that over mindless smack-talking any day.

*Recording a podcast tonight with the creator of College Football Matrix. Hit me up with any questions.