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Linking Up: March 14, 2011

*Dr. Saturday ruminates on "the worst thing about Jim Tressel." Easily the best opinion piece I've read on the matter.

*Speaking of Ohio State, rabid Buckeye fans have driven Kirk Herbstreit and has family from Columbus. I really do sympathize for Captain Kirk in this case. On the other hand, doesn't the fact that he's making such a big deal out of his diaspora seem a little odd?

*SXSW has morphed from Burning Man for hipsters into a full-fledged money show for start-ups. Good luck getting into The Yellow Rose.

*Muckraker Thayer Evans of Fox Sports lifts the curtain on Willie Lyles and the street agent game. Welcome to the AAU world, college football. Ugh.

*Our buddy Bill Connelly of Rock M Nation and Football Outsiders: The College Years has a new project going for SBNation, Football Study Hall. I'm a big fan of Bill's work in all its shapes and sizes, so I'm excited to see where this goes.