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Linking Up: March 18, 2011

*Have to hand it to Roger Goodell – he knows how to write a polished letter. The NFL commissioner's little communique to the players yesterday certainly makes the owners' position sound reasonable. It's not, but credit Goodell for some effective PR work.

*S.M Oliva of the Mises Institute points out that at least one group is thrilled about going to the legal mattresses: the lawyers. And, of course, the pols won't let a good crisis go to waste.

*The Skinny reports back that Tulsa is jamming this weekend.

*So Jim Tressel wants his suspension lengthened so that the he and the Tattoo Five "can handle this adversity together?" If I read one column about the Ohio State coach stepping up to do the right thing...

Sweater Vest may have just saved his job. That's it. There's nothing more to this.

*The Dagger helps you navigate your daily course of March Madness. Speaking of which, while I love having every game available, it is confusing as hell. It's just sensory overload.

*And we got this going for us.