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Linking Up: March 22, 2011

*Forgot to mention yesterday that safety Kevin Brent has transferred. Brent arrived at Norman with high expectations, but he never cracked the two-deep. With Brent's departure, the Sooners remain two scholarships over the limit. Here's hoping everyone from this year's recruiting class makes it to campus.

*You want NCAA Tournament games, you got's to sell tickets, T-Town.

*Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight tackles the Big East's performance in the NCAA Tournament.

*I'm sure Bob Stoops and Co. will figure out a way to manufacture Greg Reid's comments yesterday into some sign of disrespect, but the guy is just saying he thinks Florida State will be better prepared to take on the Crimson and Cream this year.

*Sports by Brooks suggests that Notre Dame may have pulled a Tricky Dick Nixon with the footage it turned over to the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the Declan Sullivan case. Then again, what do you expect from a crew that hides behind "proprietary knowledge" to keep investigators from acquiring the tapes in the first place?

I can't even begin to describe how pathetic this all is. It actually starts with the idea that our collective obsession with sports would lead to a situation in which this kid or his superiors would have even thought to send him up on that hydraulic lift in the first place. Honestly, we all need a reality check.