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Linking Up: March 23, 2011

*Toby Rowland will replace Bob Barry as the Oklahoma Sooners play-by-play announcer. Do people still listen to games on the radio?

*Love Mad Men? Well, sounds like we're going to be left longing for its return a little while longer.

*I really, really like the new Freakonomics site.

*I've been pretty firmly on Jalen Rose's side in the "Uncle Tom" controversy. Jason Whitlock puts things in a new light that go beyond the feud with Grant Hill.

*Texas linebacker Jordan Hicks will miss the rest of spring practice with a stress fracture in his foot. I doubt this will keep the beastly sophomore off the field in the fall.

*Did anyone actually expect Charles Barkley to be all that interested in college basketball? Personally, I tuned in when Barkley was dishing out his analysis – using the term loosely – for these kinds of shenanigans.