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Linking Up: March 30, 2011

The daily links return after a brief hiatus.

*Our buddies Michael Felder of In The Bleachers and Bud Elliott of Tomahawk Nation arrive at a consensus spring top 25. I think they're a little too high on Texas A&M and a little too low on Florida State.

*Finally got caught up on the Solid Verbal podcast with the "College Football Angel of Death," Charles Robinson, investigative reporter with Yahoo! Sports. Robinson and his colleagues Dan Wetzel and Jason Cole have pretty much lapped the field when it comes to investigative sports reporting, and it's clear they're finding plenty of graft in college football. In their new episode, Ty and Dan cover Oklahoma with Jake Trotter.

*I missed last night's Frontline episode on amateurism and college athletics. Looks like I'll miss the Real Sports roundtable/report tonight, too. Hoping to get caught up via DVR either late tonight or tomorrow. Hit me up with any thoughts in the meantime.

*Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitock, a co-conspirator with HBO, wants to take the NCAA down. I'll wait until I've seen the HBO special to delve deeper into this, but it sounds like some misplaced aggression.

*Speaking of which, USA Today claims a men's basketball scholarship is worth $120,000. Words can't even begin to describe how stupid these calculations are, but at least the reporters acknowledge their estimates have ridiculous flaws. I just can't believe they went ahead with writing the article.