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Linking Up: March 31, 2011

*The general consensus seems to be that the Real Sports special on college athletics was a little disappointing. Most of that probably stems from the hype surrounding the allegations of pay for play at Auburn, a segment that fell a little flat when the subjects declined to name the names of those within the program who allegedly orchestrated the scam. Personally, I liked the roundtable discussions, which illustrated the dichotomy between the Pollyanna-ish side who thinks it's incumbent on people to turn down free money and those who want to blow up the system.

*NCAA President Mark Emmert says it's time to discuss revenue-sharing with college athletes. I'll write more about this at some point soon, but this is a pretty clear ploy to sway public opinion in favor of maintaining the status quo.

*Not surprisingly, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports has all the BCS bowls in his crosshairs following the revelations about the Fiesta Bowl's hedonism.

*Our buddies over at California Golden Blogs predict quarterback performance in 2011.

*College Football Matrix has its preliminary 2011 projections for Oklahoma posted.