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Linking Up: March 7, 2011

*Bill Simmons typically doesn't do nuance all that well, but I thought his latest column hit at the heart of the NFL owners' stance in the ongoing labor negotiations. Shockingly, Mike Lupica didn't write something completely asinine on the matter, either. I actually do think public opinion is starting to shift strongly against the owners in this dispute, but last week's court decision will ultimately have an even greater effect on their bargaining position.

*Senator Blutarsky hits on the latest uproar over schools taking a bath on trips to bowl games. This is a big talking point for the pro-playoff crowd, but Senator isn't swayed.

*Ah, city politics. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Tommy Carcetti would be proud.

*ESPN draftnik extraordinaire Mel Kiper ranks John Elway as the best No. 1 overall pick ever. Can't say I disagree. I always feel like Elway gets underrated in the pantheon of NFL greats. I'd probably put him in the top five players I've ever seen.

*Tyler Cowen, one of my favorite economics bloggers, writes on the "fiscal illusion" plaguing the political discourse on budget deficits.

*I find it hilarious that the West Coast Conference plays its conference tournament at the dilapidated Orleans in Las Vegas. These aren't vintage versions of Gonzaga and Saint Mary's, but I love watching these two rivals tussle.