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Marcus Trice Transferring

Marcus TriceJake Trotter of The Oklahoman writes that the news of defenisve back Marcus Trice's decision to leave the Sooners shouldn't come as a surprise, noting that the "consensus among various sources" is that Trice blew the whistle on the coaches last year during Workout-gate.

Even though I really don't like this kind of reporting, I understand its necessity. However, it would have been nice for Trotter to give Trice a chance to defend himself against a bunch of nancies whispering off the record.

Credit John Hoover of the Tulsa World for tracking down the now ex-OU defensive back to get his side of the story. Trice denied that he had turned in the coaching staff for excessive workouts.

Frankly, this controversy is just worn out. Knowing that the team has already served its punishment for the violations renders all the speculating and finger-pointing even more useless. Oklahoma fans should just give it up and move on.