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Sooners Open Spring Practice

With Oklahoma running its customary closed spring practices, obviously there won't be much to report outside of Bob Stoops' typical post-practice palaver. Stoops did kick things off with an opening press conference today and dropped a few nuggets worth noting.

*Aaron Colvin's move to safety is still in the "experimental" stage, but Stoops appears pretty certain it's where Colvin will stay.

*Stoops is staying mum on Jamell Fleming.

*Stoops downplayed any potential disruption from shifting responsibilities among the coaching staff since Bruce Kittle was hired in the offseason.

*Here I've been talking up the opportunities for Brennan Clay and Brandon Williams with Roy Finch on the shelf, and it turns out that Finch is going through drills. Sounds like Dejuan Miller is a go, as is Ronnell Lewis.

*Don't think we'll be hearing much from OU's players on Twitter, at least nothing interesting.

*Stoops' mind games in the press are legendary, so when he praises the attitude of the entire team like he did today, he's not blowing smoke.

*For what it's worth, Stoops looks awfully confident. More loose than usual.

Case in point, when asked if he's anxious to see the conference schedule: "I don't really care. I mean, we'll play everybody. I guess you have to get hotel rooms on the road, so we have to know that."