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Linking Up: April 11, 2011

*Oklahoma redshirt freshman receiver Justin McCay issued a somewhat cryptic tweet last night about an injury. I'm not even going to try to speculate as to what that means.

*Highlights of OU's weekend scrimmage on don't really give you much to go by. It looks like Daryl Williams is working with the first team at right tackle, but I'm not sure how much to read into that.

*Dr. Saturday deems pass efficiency "the most useful statistic in football."

*The latest NCAA proposal related to the use of players' identities is, um, hypocritical. To say the least.

*I've really enjoyed The Killing on AMC. Seattle got a nice little bump as the mecca of the grunge era, but the show puts the city to better use as a haven for tweakers and the permanently morose.

*I came across Royal John's hilarious music-themed Big 12 power rankings at Cowboys Ride for Free this weekend. The Texas Tech-Christina Aguilera analogy may be my favorite.

*Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune says Missouri came away from its weekend scrimmage without a clear favorite to land the starting job at quarterback.

*Caught HBO's UNLV doc this weekend. I would've rather seen the filmmakers delve a little deeper into the Larry Johnson era, rather than spending so much time on the history of the Runnin' Rebels and their impact on Las Vegas.