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Linking Up: April 12, 2011

*John E. Hoover looks at how Oklahoma plans to replace Jeremy Beal's presence at defensive end.

*Yet another article on the questionable utility of the Wonderlic for evaluating NFL draft prospects.

*I realize that flying is the safest way to travel, but that isn't all that comforting when you see videos like this.

*Jeff Eisenberg of The Dagger contends that The U needs to break the bank to hire Kansas State coach Frank Martin. Miami's apparent decision to not pursue Martin strikes me as a case of a school coming to grips with its limitations. Even with a fickle fan base like Miami, winners put fans in the stands. In that sense, a significant financial investment in a coach like Martin makes sense if you believe you can achieve that kind of sustained success.

*Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation hopes that Texas coach Mack Brown isn't declaring mission accomplished.

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