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Linking Up: April 20, 2011

*The Oklahoma legislature is considering a bill to impose stiffer penalties on law-breaking agents.

*Bill Snyder raises an interesting point about the elimination of the Big 12 championship game: How big of an effect did the game have on conference's national reputation? Not much, I suspect, but it's still...

*Dr. Saturday isn't sweating OU's backfield by committee.

*Number 15 and Daniel Snyder sounds like a match made in Hog heaven.

*The New York Times and Chronicle of Higher Education examine the impact of business programs at universities. Personally, I question the value of declaring a major or specialization for undergraduates at all, let alone one in any of the business disciplines. The real shame is that business programs at the undergraduate level tend to push college as a means to an end – a higher-paying job than what you would get without a degree – rather than a place to get an education. Of course, recruiters and the ridiculous "professionalization" of the interview process don't really help much, either.