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Linking Up: April 27, 2011

*In his ongoing series on the evolution of college football, Mike Felder at In The Bleachers separates the college football world into tiers. He lists Oklahoma as a second-tier program, which is sure to irk some Sooner fans. Look carefully at his criteria, though. I'll hopefully have a post up in the next few days explaining why I think Mike is right.

*College Football Zealots previews OU-Florida State as one of the 15 games that will decide the national championship this season.

*I can understand why The Governator would feel compelled to make a comeback in the role that launched his career. (No, not that one.) That McG-directed installment was a disaster.

*Overthinking It on the economic ramifications of the Death Star.

*No link here, but the NBA playoffs are destroying my sanity. I've slept like three hours a night the past week or so.