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NFL Draft: More Sooners Stuff

Quinton Carter
(Editor's note: I hit you up with some thoughts on how I think things will shake out for the few Sooner prospects in this year's NFL draft. With the start of the proceedings less than an hour away, Native State is weighing in.)

I have not read any publication's reviews or anyone's mock draft. This is coming from the gut, because my draft ignorance quotient is rated High.

So, given my general draft apathy, I decided to up the ante and subjected myself to the ultimate barometer of whether I can spot a zone dog or read a cover two: the  Wonderlic. See if you can predict my score based on my projections of where I think OU players will go in the draft. (Yeah I know it's totally unrelated and really is, well, silly, but c'mon, it's the offseason.)


DeMarco Murray*DeMarco Murray, RB

I'm being really optimistic here, but I think Murray has a shot at going in the late second round. I don't think he's durable enough to be a featured back, but his ability to catch the ball is a huge asset, and I think teams will be willing to take a chance on him. He may even be converted to a slot receiver.

Plus, he's got no drama queen issues and will put in the work to get the job done.

*Quinton Carter, S

I think he can be a very serviceable safety. He's got range and is a hard hitter. Also, like Murray, no character issues.

I think he's too attractive to get passed over completely; I'm saying late third round.

*Jeremy Beal, DE/LB

This is a tough one for me.

Beal was so solid in college, but I think he's a bit small to play defensive end in the NFL. Problem is, I don't think he's quick enough for a pro linebacker, either.

I say he goes mid-fourth round, at best.

*Adrian Taylor, DT

He'll go undrafted mainly because of the injuries. He's good at plugging up holes, but not so fast.

Alright, as promised, I took two sample Wonderlic tests. No surprise to me that the shorter the test, the better I did. I tend to dwell too much on a single question. Hurt my SATs, too. OK, moving on.

Test 1: 9 questions, 2 minutes - projected score 39.

Test 2: 20 questions, 5 minutes - projected score 37.5.

I think on the real test I would probably score closer to 35. Hey, that puts me in Sam Bradford range!

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