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Bruce Kittle Makes a Splash

Bruce KittleLaith Harlow, a tight end recruit out of Tallahassee, Fla., commited to the Oklahoma Sooners Tuesday.

Harlow is a promising recruit who should have OU fans excited about his future. Take note of who recruited Harlow, too.

Bob Stoops' decision to hire Bruce Kittle to coach tight ends and offensive tackles raised some eyebrows in the offseason. If you need a refresher, Kittle is a lawyer-minister-prison guard who is two years removed from serving as a high school assistant coach.

If you want to win over the skeptics, beating out the likes of Alabama and The U for a commitment from a Florida kid makes for a good start.

And it's entirely possible Bob Stoops knows what he's doing.

*Reginald Eller of Florida State site PlantThe gave me his take on Harlow:

Guy who flew under the radar mainly because of not being used as much to get good numbers at the TE position.

One thing you do see when you watch film on him is his blocking techniques.  He is very disciplined, very smart, and does not miss many assignments if ever.

Great size, adequate hands, but like I said, his bread and butter is his blocking.