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Podcast: College Football TV Bonanza

Last spring it was conference expansion. This year, the talk of the college football world has been the mammoth new $3 billion TV deal between the Pac-10 and and ESPN and Fox, as well as a new $1.7 billion cable TV contract for the Big 12. SportsBusiness Journal media reporter John Ourand checks in for a podcast to help make sense of what is going with all the big bucks being thrown at college football by the networks. He also helps lift the curtain on the unlikely alliance between sports media rivals ESPN and Fox in their deal with Larry Scott and the Pac-10.

John and I cover:

  • ESPN and Fox's strategy to keep Comcast out of college football;
  • whether Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe negotiated a big enough TV contract for his conference;
  • the implications of the new TV contracts on further conference-swapping among schools; and
  • the next big domino to fall: the Big East's upcoming TV negotiations.

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