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Do Tell, Mrs. McCoy

Colt McCoy
Probably because she got so creeped out by rich dudes trying to buy her husband nice things, Colt McCoy's wife called into Colin Cowherd's radio show today – of her own accord – to bemoan the shadiness she supposedly saw going down around the Texas football program.

According to Mrs. McCoy, burnt orange boosters – "educated men," in her words – showed Longhorn players true Texas hospitality by taking them on fishing trips or "a hunt." Apparently there were free meals and something about cars, too.

Honestly, though, why should we believe a Baylor alum hurling accusations at UT? Everyone knows what a vicious rivalry that is.


And, how do we know that was really Rachel McCoy? Wouldn't it be just like Darth Stoops to hire an impersonator to sit by the phone and wait for Colin Cowherd to bring up impermissible benefits one day on his show and start a baseless scandal?

Look, Texas really knows how to institutionally control the shit out of a program. With all the time players spend paying their parking tickets and filling out forms about their cars, when would they have time to go camping with men 40 years their senior?

Setting aside the snark, these kinds of allegations should surprise no one. It seems laughable to call any of this cheating, really, as these petty offenses are happening on college campuses all across the country. Mrs. McCoy even gets that: "You cannot expect 19-20 year old kids to say no to free stuff when they're in college..."

I'll just take this opportunity to once again remind fans of the perils of high-horsing.

(For the record, I liked it better when sexual depravity was the biggest issue with Texas boosters.)