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Welcome to "Best of" Week

The Horseshoe (Columbus, Ohio)
Nothing serves as a better reminder of the true splendor of college football than the dog days of summer.

The "pretty good" of the sports calendar is behind us. March Madness was in, well, March. The Dallas Mavericks have been crowned the NBA champions. Somebody won the Super Bowl back when football was actually the story in the NFL.

Now, we've got the occasional golf tournament – minus the game's most compelling figure. Tennis? Come on. Baseball? Wake me up in October. is here to lift your spirits with an entire week celebrating the best that the best sport on the planet has to offer. All week, we'll be highlighting the cream of college football's crop, ranging from the meta to the niche. In addition to some Sooner-centric articles from BH's usual suspects, we've enlisted some of our other favorite writers to ensure that we're truly getting the best from the best across the entire college football landscape.

So check in early and often for the next week (as if you don't already). And remember: Murray State-Louisville is but a mere 73 days away.