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Linking Up: One Up, One Down

*With standout cornerback Jamell Fleming returning to campus, Oklahoma may have the best secondary in the country. Yes, possibly better than Alabama.

*Guerin Emig speculates that the loss of freshman tight end Dan Tapko might be a bigger blow to the Sooners' defense. Obviously, it's way early, but Tapko's departure may signal plenty of optimism in Norman about another freshman tight end on campus, Max Stevenson.

*Not much more to say about the new information brought to light in Austin Box's death other than that the whole ordeal is incredibly tragic.

*Count me among the group who think the impact of BevoTV is being overblown. The fact that the NCAA is going to allow it to televise high school games does surprise me, however.

*So, I'm on Google+, but I have yet to figure out why this is such a game-changer.

*Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight explains the state of play in Washington more effectively in a few hundred words than most pundits could in a textbook.

*Has the time come to overhaul the study of economics in higher education?

*Lastly, I realize the frequency of posts here has slowed a little lately. Aside from it being the slow time of year, I'm working on another project that is monopolizing a decent share of my time. I definitely think it will be worth it, though, and I should have more info soon.