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Notes on Latest Oklahoma Sooners Depth Chart

As is customary in the summer, Oklahoma has released its by and large pointless depth chart update for the upcoming season.

OU coach Bob Stoops is notorious for using such an opportunity to put his team on blast in the offseason, so the entire list has to be taken with huge salt grains. Who's supposed to be on the receiving end of a message from the head honcho? Some thoughts on that and other nuggets that I took away.


*First thing that jumped out at me: Daryl Williams. The redshirt freshman is listed as the first-team right tackle, ahead of presumptive favorite Josh Aladenoye.

Williams has been touted as OU's left tackle of the future, and in the Sooners' blocking schemes, the right and left sides aren't exactly interchangeable. Williams' skills may mean he's simply the best option to fill in for injured incumbent Jarvis Jones. On the other hand, maybe the staff wants to light a fire under Aladenoye.

Speaking of Jones, does the new lineup offer any hints as to the true severity of his injury? He has been hurt since the spring, but this is the first time that he has been taken out of the depth chart. Does that signal Jones won't be ready to go at all? Whatever, I'm no doctor.

*I guess Ronnell Lewis' presence on the first team may give OU fans some hope that The Hammer will be on the field this season. Based on what I keep reading about Lewis' academic progress, color me pessimistic.

If Lewis can't go, the new depth chart suggests R.J. Washington would move into the starting lineup. Now a fourth-year junior, Washington's production on the field hasn't come close to matching the hype of his recruitment. Could he be this year's Pryce Macon?

*Notice who's not in the two-deep at tailback? Proof that the coaching staff will continue to use Roy Finch more for a change of pace than an as an every-down back.

*No surprise, but sophomore Tom Wort will step back into breach at middle linebacker following the passing of Austin Box. After an erratic debut season for Wort, I know plenty of Sooner fans who are hoping that defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Brent Venables will look at moving All-American Travis Lewis from the weakside to the middle, opening a spot for promising sophomore Corey Nelson in Lewis' old spot.

I don't see it. Lewis passed up the NFL to come back to school to hone his skills on the outside. At this point, it seems a little unfair to make that kind of adjustment if it won't help his stock with the pros. And, anyway, have you been paying attention to what Lewis has done the past couple years playing the weakside spot?