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Podcast: Bylaw Blog Author John Infante

College football's "Summer of Scandal" rages on, prompting plenty of discussion about potential reforms to the NCAA and its rules governing amateurism. In his podcast debut, John Infante, assistant compliance director at Colorado State University and author of the informative NCAA blog Bylaw Blog, joins Homerism to analyze the ongoing debate about the purpose of college athletics and the rules governing amateurism at the collegiate level. Bylaw Blog provides an incredibly valuable service to fans of college sports, so we're honored that John picked our humble show to make his maiden voyage.

In a wide-ranging discussion, John and I touch on:

  • divergent views on the value of amateurism in big-time college football and basketball;
  • the practicality of trying to enforce the amateurism rules;
  • misperceptions about the NCAA and its purpose;
  • the NCAA's efforts to establish a more productive dialogue with fans and the public;
  • potential changes to the implementation and interpretation of Title IX requirements; and
  • how the notion of amateurism impacts the popularity of big-time college sports.

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