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Introducing Crystal Ball Run

If you're wondering why posts have been a little slower than usual, I've been involved getting an exciting new project off the ground.

I'm going to be serving as managing editor of a new Bloguin college football site, The Crystal Ball Run. Talented blogging whippersnapper Aaron Torres and I are running the show, and we've recruited some great writers to help contribute. We've also enlisted some really strong sports minds from outside the Bloguin network to serve as guest columnists.

I still plan to keep BH going strong, but some of the nationally focused articles that I've forced upon all of you at times will migrate over there.

Anyway, you'll obviously want to bookmark the new joint. You can also follow the new site on Twitter (@CrystalBallRun) and Google+ (+CrystalBallRun).

Enjoy, and thanks for your support.